San Antonio Homeowners Insurance Lawyer

At The Law Offices of Jesse A. Sepulveda, we can assist homeowners with a range of property damage claims. Your insurance carrier has a duty to live up to the terms of your home insurance policy, but insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims. They frequently look to minimize claims or deny any liability for covering damages.

Our San Antonio homeowners insurance lawyer is a fierce advocate and he is able to work hard to ensure that your insurance company fully compensates your property damage claim. Our law firm is available to put its full effort toward maximizing your recovery for storm damages from:

  • A hurricane that resulted in water damage that led to mold, mildew or rotting wood
  • A windstorm that damaged your home's structure, siding or landscaping
  • A hailstorm that damaged your home's roof

Bexar County Premises Liability Lawyer

There are a range of situations in which others can suffer from personal injuries due to accidents that happen on your property. Your home insurance policy should cover damages that result if someone falls on your property, your animal bites an adult or child, or another person is involved in a pool accident on your property.

Your insurance company may present a host of reasons why it is denying your claim, but it could be acting in bad faith. It is critical to retain an experienced attorney to represent you and protect your rights. From our office in San Antonio, we represent clients throughout South Texas.

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