San Antonio Dog Bite Lawyer

Even a dog that you know can turn on you. Dog attacks can lead to devastating personal injuries. Unfortunately, children are often the victims of these attacks. After surviving an animal attack, a child can suffer from injuries that require multiple surgeries and long recoveries. The physical scars can be a lasting reminder of the deep emotional scars from the trauma.

If a dog attacked you or your child, our legal team at The Law Offices of Jesse A. Sepulveda can help you seek the compensation you deserve. These cases involve strict liability, which means that the dog owner is responsible for his or her pet's actions. Most homeowners insurance policies cover animal attacks.

Bexar County Animal Attack Lawyer

After seeking medical attention and calling the police, it is critical to consult with an experienced attorney as soon as possible following the attack. In Texas, the law allows most dogs one free bite. Our San Antonio dog bite lawyer can investigate the animal's violent history to strengthen your case for recovery.

The dog involved in the attack that hurt you or your child may belong to a close friend. It can feel uncomfortable seeking legal assistance to pursue financial recovery if you know the animal's owner, but you need compensation for your medical expenses. Because most homeowners insurance policies cover animal attacks, your financial recovery would likely be coming from the dog owner's insurance company rather than directly from the animal owner.

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