San Antonio Bus Accident Lawyer

Many Texans rely on buses for their everyday transportation needs. Others ride casino tour buses and charter buses during vacations. Since buses carry so many passengers, when they are involved in accidents, the potential number of injury victims can be very high. Many buses do not have seat belts. Because of this, in the event of an accident, the passengers of a bus are vulnerable to serious personal injuries, ranging from cuts and bruises to broken bones and catastrophic injuries.

At The Law Offices of Jesse A. Sepulveda, we are available to represent a range of injury victims involved in bus accidents. Whether you were a passenger on a bus, or a bus hit your car, call our law firm. Our bus and truck accident attorney has the experience to pursue maximum compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Laredo Tour Bus Accident Lawyer

Tour buses are very heavy. Due to their sheer mass, any impact or accident is often catastrophic. Yet, many tour bus companies do not monitor safety as closely as they should. Our law firm is available to represent victims of tour bus accidents involving company or bus driver negligence due to:

  • Fatigued bus drivers: It is dangerous for operators to drive buses without enough sleep and rest.
  • Improper training: Bus drivers need to check all mirrors when pulling away from a bus stop to prevent accidents involving other cars, pedestrians or bicyclists. Employers also need to train bus drivers on appropriate speeds in bad weather.
  • Distracted driving: When behind the wheel of a bus, a driver should not use a cellphone or text, eat or otherwise not pay attention.
  • Improper maintenance: Bus accidents often result from mechanical failures, faulty brakes and tire blowouts.

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